Revelation Online Live On Steam

The Chinese developed free to play fantasy MMORPG Revelation Online officially launched on Steam today and is off to a rocky start on the platform. Within 24 hours of launch reviews are "mostly negative" and the game has only attracted an average concurrent playerbase of 140 users. Revelation Online isn't a new game though. It's been available off Steam through since February 2017, so the muted Steam launch isn't necessarily a cause for concern.

To celebrate the game's launch on Steam the game is giving away free "Welcome Packs" to anyone who starts playing through the platform. These packs include an exclusive title and a special pet. Additional starter packs are available for purchase starting at $9.99. Revelation Online is quite different from most free to play MMORPGs as its Chinese developed. We haven't had too many Chinese developed MMORPGs make their way to the West in recent years so in that regards, Revelation is definitely a bit different. If you're interested in learning more about it, check out my second look video below:

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