Revelation Online Plans To Roll Out Player Housing And Archaeology System With Safe Haven Update

revelation online player housingThe brave heroes of Nuanor will finally have a place to call home once the Revelation Online Safe Haven update rolls out on July 26th. Giving someone your permanent address and inviting them over might prove to be a bit of a challenge though considering that your house is built on the back of a giant moving tortoise but a house is a house. Oh, and you’ll be sharing your pad with eight other neighbors so do try to keep the noise down.

“After reaching level 40, players will be able to buy their very own private property – a place to decorate, invite friends, and gain daily experience. Located at the Tortoise Inn, explorers of Nuanor seeking a place to rest will inhabit an instanced zone containing nine rooms with up to eight neighbours. Each room will have a designated nameplate to help people find their specific room. Players are encouraged to customize their own apartment with a selection of over 160 unique items to choose from. Choosing elegant, colourful, or traditional styles they can also give a copy of their door-key to five of their friends, allowing them to create even stronger online ties to other players.”

Aside from the new housing system, the Safe Haven update will also implement the new Archaeology system which will let players explore and unravel the mysteries surrounding the iconic landmarks of Nuanor.

Check out the announcement trailer right down below, or you can hop over to the Revelation Online official site for more details.