Revelation Online Shadowblade Update Live - Assassin Class Now Playable

Revelation Online launched its Shadowblade update today which introduced the new Assassin class as well as the new class change system. The game's new class change system allows players to change their class once every 45 days without having to start over at level 1. Keep in mind though that the class change system is unlocked after completing a quest at level 59.

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While the new class is the highlight of the expansion there's plenty of other changes in the Shadowblade update. Class areas are now live, there's a new mount in-game (Venom ZX500), and there's also a whole bunch of quality of live improvements and bug fixes. A full list of patch notes are available here.

If you've never played Revelation Online before now is a great time to jump in. It's a free to play fantasy MMORPG with some action elements developed by Netease - China's second largest game developer and published by The game features a beautiful seamless open world, a good variety of classes, and plenty of unique mounts.