RF Online Goes Mobile Later This Year


RF Online has never been a strong brand. Despite being around for a decade, there has only been a single title in the franchise. A trademark for RF Online 2 was filed last year, but we've yet to see anything come of it. Despite that, it has been revealed that Korean developer Red Code is developing a mobile spin-off called RF Online M.

ThisIsGame has a huge interview with Red Code CEO Yoon Jae Hoon. In it, it is revealed that the game is a prequel to RF Online. It is a hero collector, as many mobile RPGs are, and it appears as if it will be similar in nature to games like League of Angels or Lineage: Red Knights. The game's story will consist of 14 chapters containing a total of over 120 stages. It will incorporate elements of card games, albeit said details are a bit hazy at this time.

Yoon Jae Hoon has also promised that "unique strategic play is possible." Heroes fall into one of six classes: balanced, damage dealer, tank, healer, support, or commander. There are also dual-purpose heroes, such as "buff-type [damage] dealers" or "[damage] dealer-type supporters."

PvP content will be fairly stereotypical, including both a PvP arena and ranked PvP. A variety of dungeons will be available, including elite dungeons, as well as boss raids and the infinite "Bloody Tower."

A VIP system will also be included, but Google Translate did not translate it well, so I do not know the details of said VIP system.

RF Online M is set to be released sometime this year. You can find the full interview here.