Rift Subscription Progression Server Rift Prime Launching on March 7th

Trion Worlds announced today that the subscription progression server Rift Prime will be launching on March 7th, 2018. Those interested in the upcoming launch can pre-order the Primogenitor Pack now, which has various special items, 30 days of Patron, and two 15 day Patron vouchers, in addition to Prime access for $29.99. Anyone with "Patron" status on Rift can access the new Rift Prime server once it opens. Patron status is available for the following prices:

"Rift Prime" isn't the official name of the new server. Between February 23 - February 25th players can submit their naming suggestions via the hastag #NameRiftPrime via the official forums. Winners will be announced on March 2.

Rift Prime was created as an alternative way to play Trion's first MMORPG. While the Prime server will require a subscription, it will do away with all pay 2 win elements and sell only cosmetics through the game's cash shop. Given how successful other progression servers have been so far (think Ragnarok Online, EverQuest, Etc) I suspect Rift Prime will attract a fairly sizeable audience.

Learn more about the new server on the Rift Prime FAQ.