Rift's Classic Server (Rift Prime) Shutting Down

Trion Worlds announced today that their classic server for Rift, titled Rift Prime, will be shutting down on April 7th, 2019. Players will be able to transfer their characters to any other live server within their regions (US or EU). As compensation for those who played on the prime server, anyone who reached level 50 will be able get a free level 65 character boost pack and 1 million loyalty.

According to the community one of the main reasons behind the server's failure was Trion's poor implementation of classic mechanics. Reddit user /r/Snrub1 posted the following:

This seems like the most poorly implemented "classic" server in the history of MMOs. I really enjoyed Rift for about the first year or so of its existence and was interested in this until I found out that they were making no effort to make the game like it was on release with the original class trees, etc. I think many people had the same disappointment and I can't imagine many people ended up playing on this server because you didn't hear anything about it after it launched.

While Rift Prime is shutting down, other classic and progression servers continue to launch with World of Warcraft classic set to launch this Summer.