Rift's Progression Server Rift Prime Launching Storm Legion Expansion This Fall

The progression server for Rift, Rift Prime, is launching the Storm Legion expansion this fall and with it comes an increased level cap to 60, 2 new continents, new dungeons, raids, and more. Storm Legion itself isn't a new expansion, as it originally launched back in November 2012, but it's new to Rift's first progression server.

Rift Prime isn't available for free. Players need to subscribe to the game's prime service to access it.

The Storm Legion update for RIFT Prime raises the game’s level cap to 60, while boosting the crafting skill cap to the Grandmaster level. The update also adds two more continents for Prime subscribers to explore: Brevane and Dusken. The island stronghold Tempest Bay has been added as a new city hub, while a host of new dungeons and raids have also been added for players looking to hit the increased level cap.

High level RIFT Prime players will also be tasked with taking on Volan, the mighty Empyrean colossus! Set loose from his prison and festooned in adamantine armor, Volan makes his debut on the RIFT Prime server to take on all challengers. Test your mettle against Volan’s metal in a battle for the ages!

Created with the goal of presenting players with an alternative way to experience the game, RIFT Prime offers an all-new fresh start server with a subscription model for progressively unlocked content. Years of exciting RIFT content and expansions will be unlocked throughout the lifetime of the server, so jump in and see what the world of Telara has in store!