RIFT's Starfall Prophecy Renamed "Prophecy Of Ahnket," Free Until May 14th

RIFT's latest expansion, Starfall Prophecy, will heretofore be known as "Prophecy of Ahnket." The reason for this is that Trion Worlds has become "acquainted with" the Starfall Education Foundation and has changed the similar expansion name out of respect.

But that's not all. Anyone who logs into RIFT between now and May 14th will receive the full Prophecy of Ahnket expansion for free. Yes, that means that you get to keep it forever. Trion is even throwing in an added Prophecy of Ahnket Cache; unfortunately, the Prophecy does not foretell what you'll get from it.

After this weekend, Prophecy of Ahket will go back on sale for the price of $19.99. The three Deluxe Edition-exclusive items—"the Ethereal Drake Mount, Asha Catari's Raiment, and the Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame"—will be available through a new bundle called the "Celestial Adventurer's Pack. The level 65 boost that was included with each copy of the expansion can be purchased from the cash shop for 6000 credits.

You can find more information about the change of name and the expansion's free weekend in today's Producer's Letter.

  • darkfyra

    Does sound neat...if only it was not pay2win

  • TianlanSha

    That's cool what they did with the expansion. Another cool thing that can be done with games with a model like RIFT is give ALL players 7 days to play it for free and then it becomes B2P, so the few players who can't afford the expansions, but are high levels can test it out and be satisfied, kinda like LOTRO, which although allows players to gring Turbine points and buy expansions, it can have this mode, which will attract even more players, because I'm pretty sure some have thought "OK I can grind turbine points..." but about week later they give up and either quit or decide to spend money.

  • When Rift went F2P it was one of the best free MMORPGs available, its starting to show its age but I'm glad its still actively developed. People complain about the p2w features and all that, but I recommend trying it just to see the world events that inspired similar features in newer games.