Riot Games Sues Mobile Game Developer Behind Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends developer Shanghai Moonton Technology was hit by a lawsuit this week by Riot Games for copyright infringement. Anyone who has ever played or even seen Mobile Legends shouldn't be too surprised with this revelation; Mobile Legends is obviously a knock off of League of Legends. It doesn't take a copyright lawyer to realize it either. Just take a look:

League of Legends (Left) Mobile Legends (Right)

But beyond just copying the map, Mobile Legends also copied many of the iconic characters in League of Legends:

Moonton Technology obviously doesn't agree though. They released a statement on their facebook page:

“Mobile Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is developed by Moonton independently, and its copyright has already been registered and protected in multiple countries all over the world,“ the statement, posted on Tuesday, said.

“Mobile Legends and all the users will not be affected by these unreal reports and we will keep providing the best gameplay experience to players all over the world.”

They also cautioned members of the media from spreading "false information". Sounds like they're calling us fake news.

Despite the game's moderate popularity it doesn't really pose a big threat to League of Legends. I suspect the timing of this lawsuit is related to the upcoming launch of Strike of Kings in the West. While Strike of Kings also has many similarities to League of Legends, both games are owned by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games.

It may not even be worth asking, but do you think Mobile Legends is a rip off? I wonder what their defense is going to be.

Oh and here's another character they ripped off:

According to the actual lawsuit there are dozens of characters in Mobile Legends which are just league knockoffs.

Images sourced from actual lawsuit

Link to actual lawsuit

  • The best part of the this story is Moonton Technology rep's stone faced denial that they copied League of Legends. That takes balls.

  • Hades

    Love how some of the ability descriptions are just carbon copies of League's. Like at least fucking TRY to hide the fact that you're copying LoL.

  • DucturTunma

    Let's be honest here. Most 5v5 Moba games are ripoffs from each other nowadays. Maybe not this obvious tho

  • edward carroll

    League is a copy of the idea of DotA saying that league is a clone of DotA is not really that close at all. League has its own champions that in no way clone any blizzard characters. League also has different lane structures. I support league as a standalone game where as DotA is not my cup of tea. After league was made heroes of the Storm cloned the idea and made heroes of the Storm. They copied each other so case closed on that.get facts before making a statement which you know nothing about except what you wish were true.

  • Dota copied AoS (Aeon of Strife) on SC1. It's not like Dota invented the MOBA

  • Dana Petersen

    I don't really play mobas. Still, we all know (by now) that League is not the very first version of the moba.

    Any game to be a moba after the very first mobas... must use some of the ideas or concepts that defined the first mobas as such, in order to also be a moba.

    Not being the first isn't bad, nor does it mean anyone is violating copyright or trademark laws, within reason.

    However! There is a difference between viewing architecture as inspiration vs. literally stealing the blueprints, if you get my drift. I think everyone can see for themselves that moonton tech is guilty of the latter. 😅

  • TianlanSha

    Since a Chinese company owns parts of LoL, then maybe there will be consequences, but if Tencent didn't own a portion, maybe there would've been no consequences.

  • supersonic360

    um what's really weird is that those pictures that you showed next to the league characters aren't from mobile legends their from Magic Rush Heroes