Roblox Monthly Active Users Now Surpass 90 Million

Robox revealed on April 7th that the casual kid-friendly mini-game platform now has over 90 million monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide. Just to put that figure into context, League of Legends peaked at 100 million monthly active users in 2017 and that figure has declined since, which makes Roblox more popular than League of Legends today.

The continued growth of Roblox is credited to international expansion, especially in Europe. 150 of the 'top experiences' (mini games) are now available in French and German, making those games easier for European gamers to enjoy. Some of the most popular games on Roblox are also developed by Europeans, including Ski Resort (Germany), Crash Course (France), and Heists 2 (UK).

“Roblox is the best way to create what you’ve always dreamed of building,” said Crash Course creator, Chichine. “I can’t wait to see all these new players from France join the Roblox community.”

To put the Roblox playerbase into perspective, note that Dota 2 which is the top game on Steam boasts 11 million monthly active users. League of Legends, which last released MAU numbers of 100 million back in 2016 likely has a smaller playerbase than Roblox in 2019. Roblox has likely surpassed its most similar rival, Minecraft, in monthly active users.

Roblox now supports English, French, German, Portugese, and Spanish. Plans are already underway to support additional languages in the months ahead. With the roadmap already in place, it seems Roblox is set to continue growing for years to come.

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