ROSE Online Is Shutting Down On Feb 11, 2019

Its been a good run. Rush On Seven Episodes aka ROSE Online, will be shutting down on February 11, 2019. WarpPortal, the Gravity owned publisher that hosts the game, made the announcement today via the Rose Online Facebook page.

The in-game item mall is already closed, and players who still have points in-game will be able to transfer them to other WarpPortal PC MMORPGs including Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Record of Lodoss War Online, Dragon Saga, or Requiem. Premium currency transfer requests will be accepted until March 1, 2019 so get it done before those points expire. Effected players can use this link to file a support ticket to initiate the transfer.

Rose Online has been struggling for years, the game never got around to releasing all 7 'episodes', as the game's planets were called. As one of the first Korean MMORPGs to make it to the West, way back in 2005, many of today's MMO gamers still have fond memories of the 3D anime-inspired title. There are still several private servers for the game running, veterans seeking nostalgia still have a place to turn.

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