RPG MO, Wind of Luck, And M4 Tank Brigade Land On Steam

With the potential audience that Steam can give your game, it's no wonder we've been seeing a surge of new MMO releases on Steam. Today, we received three new releases.


RPG MO has been available as an early release outside of Steam for a while now but just finally hit Steam today. Many RuneScape fans are comparing it favorably to classic RuneScape, saying they see a lot of the same qualities in it. While labeled as an Early Access game, the game already features 15 different skills with no caps, guild wars, player housing, over 160 pets, and more. Perhaps it might be worth a look for those looking for a new sandbox MMORPG.

Wind of Luck: Arena

For those not interested in the World War II setting of World of Warships, Wind of Luck: Arena hits Steam today hoping to get your attention with its Age of Sail setting. From tropical seas to the Arctic, fight it out in wooden vessels of the past. The game seems to feature a progression system similar to Wargaming.net's offerings, as well, so it should be an easy enough game to get into. It does not seem to feature the same realistic pacing, however.

M4 Tank Brigade

The latest in simulation offerings from former Microprose CEO "Wild Bill" Stealey's company, iEntertainment Network, M4 Tank Brigade gives you control of four tanks as you go head to head with other squads of tanks. It is currently in Early Access but the developers claim it is a fully-featured game, with time in Early Access spent on what players want most. In addition to that, they plan to "improve 3D the graphics and UI, streamline tank controls, add an advancement system," and more.