Wind Of Luck: Arena Gets New Mode, Daily Bonus

If your teammates in Wind of Luck: Arena have sometimes seemed a little bad at the game or your opponents have seemed a bit easy, it's probably because you were matched up with a few bots. In order to make matchmaking faster regardless of the community size, a certain number of slots are filled by bots if need be. As of today's update, you are no longer forced to play like this, though. Now, you can choose to play in a 5-on-5 mode that matches you against humans only. The trade-off is that matchmaking may take longer.

Daily bonuses have also been added. Your rewards for the first match of the day are doubled. It's a bit light of a daily bonus but perhaps they will expand this a bit in the future.

The fame and expertise earned from battle can now be exchanged for the other. This costs a small bit of gold.