Rumor: Black Desert Online Big Reveal: Monk, Airships, Leviathan Battle?

A crafty individual may have just leaked the big announcement for Black Desert Online set to reveal tomorrow, April 8th on the official BDO Twitch page. What could that be? Well, it looks like a Monk class, airships for transportation, concept art of a battle with a monstrous leviathan, and some type of elvish looking area.

Leaked images are brought to us—the curious public—by Redditor BesTCracK—kind of appropriate. Scroll down and click the images to scroll through the supposedly leaked screenshots.

None of this is confirmed by Kakao Games—would you expect otherwise? As previously stated, Kakao announced there would be a big announcement (announce to announced, that's the world we live in) live on stream tomorrow. Maybe this is it. I wouldn't be surprised, and it's pretty exciting stuff.

Likely, if this is all true, this content will hit the Korean servers before coming over to NA/EU. But, that doesn't mean I'm any less excited to play a martial arts class. Good stuff.

We'll find out whether all this is true or false tomorrow.

Edit: New class

Big shout out to @365Gamin for bringing this to our attention.