[Update: It's Out!] S2 Games Is Remaking The Original Savage In Unreal Engine 4


Update: Seems that "(nearly!) ready to rumble" was much nearer than anticipated, as the game has now been released on Steam Early Access.

After two MOBAs, it seems that S2 Games is ready to return to its roots with Savage Resurrection. This completely unexpected entry in the Savage series is "a faithful recreation of the 2003 classic." The FPS/RTS hybrid will be launching on Steam Early Access in the near future, complete with the full Savage 1 experience, 12v12 "Casual matches," 7v7 "Competitive matches," four maps, stats, leaderboards, cosmetics, and more. As Early Access progresses, the team will expand upon the original game's core feature set, adding features that players want, as well as introducing bots, new maps, and new modes.

An exact release date has yet to be pinned down, but S2 Games notes that it is "(nearly!) ready to rumble." In the meantime, they are attempting to begin building a community around the game via Reddit.