Sci-Fi MMORTS Starborne Launches Into Open Beta Today

starborne open beta bannerAfter five years of Alpha testing, Solid Cloud’s space sci-fi MMORTS Starborne finally launches into Open Beta today.

“With over 180,000 registered commanders in our community and a grand total of 77,000 days or 211 years of game time during its Alpha. You’ve been helping us every step of the way and we are proud to announce that Starborne will be heading into Open Beta on April 2nd with a wealth of new additions and improvements.”

The open beta build will feature a new game map with more newbie-friendly starting zones, along with an in-game tutorial, and areas that yield higher resources to encourage players to expand their space empires. The game also features new victory conditions: military conquest, industrial superiority, and territory control.

“Having three separate, yet equally challenging, victory conditions is just not something we have seen in the Grand Strategy genre before,” says Solid Cloud Founder and CEO Stefán Gunnarsson. “We expect a lot of back-room agreements and skullduggery between alliances competing for the different victory conditions. This is going to supercharge what was already a deeply player-driven game.”

Other additions to the open beta build include: Coalitions, hidden alien artifacts, the Badge achievement system, new Empire skins, the ability to pin locations on the map, as well as performance and stability improvements.

You can sign up for the open beta and download the game client on the Starborne official site and view the full patch notes here. There’s also a brand new trailer waiting for you below along with behind the scenes footage of the new map.