Epic Sci-Fi MMORTS ‘Starborne’ Is Headed To Open Beta In April

starborne space assault bannerSolid Clouds, an Icelandic game development studio made up of EVE Online fans, has officially confirmed the open beta release date of their large-scale sci-fi MMORTS, Starborne.

“With over 180,000 registered players and after 77,000 days or 211 years of game time played during its Alpha, Starborne, the science-fiction MMORTS from Icelandic developer Solid Clouds, will be heading into Open Beta on April 2nd with a roster of new additions and improvements.”

These additions include a new map that incorporates player feedback and lessons that the devs learned during the game’s alpha tests, safer starting zones, an in-game tutorial, and higher resource-yielding zones designed to make the game more dynamic by encouraging players to explore and expand. The open beta build will also feature three unique victory conditions: military conquest, industrial superiority, and controlling the biggest territory.

“I’m so proud of the new map design,” said Solid Clouds Co-Founder and CEO Stefán Gunnarsson in a recent press release. “It really manages to condense all the lessons we’ve learned over the past 5 years. With it, we are both catering to more play styles and also able to supercharge the deeply player-driven political side of the game.”

Watch the official open beta announcement trailer below.