Skull And Bones Shows Off Its New Player Experience With The Help Of Michelle Rodriguez

skull and bones pirate cove

Ubisoft continues to churn out Skull and Bones teaser trailers ahead of its impending launch next weekend. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a brief look at the multiplayer pirate game’s high-level content and a few snippets of its general gameplay. Today, we get to see what the starting experience will look like courtesy of The Fast and The Furious star Michelle Rodriguez who also narrated Ubisoft’s Gangsters of the Seas podcast series.

The game starts you off as the captain of an imposing pirate ship in a massive naval battle that you’re intended to lose, giving you a brief taste of what the endgame will be like. In the aftermath of the battle, you’ll find yourself washed ashore with other survivors which is when you’ll be asked to create and customize your character. You’ll then set sail on a basic dinghy to the pirate island of Sainte Anne where you’ll begin your quest for redemption.

Along the way, the developers explain basic gameplay mechanics such as how to gain Infamy (levels) by completing contracts, hunting for sharks, and sinking other ships. The preview video then fast forwards to the endgame where Michelle Rodriguez dresses up a Kingpin-level character before setting sail for a world event.

The new trailer awaits your viewing pleasure below if you’re itching for a taste of what’s to come ahead of Skull and Bones’ early access launch on February 16.

Skull and Bones: Play by Your Own Rules (feat. Michelle Rodriguez)