Skyforge Distant Frequencies Expansion Launching Dec 11 - Adding New Soundweaver Class

Skyforge's latest expansion, Distant Frequencies, is launching on December 11, 2018 and with it comes the new Soundweaver class - a bard like support class that boosts the stats of nearby allies and can shred enemies with powerful music. Besides the new class, Distant Frequencies introduces new story driven missions for players to explore. So expect new zones, dungeons, equipment, and more.

Distant frequencies is launching on the PC version of the game first on December 11th and will make its way to Palystation 4 on December 12th and Xbox One on December 13th. It's remarkable how quickly the console versions of the game are getting the update - for games like Neverwinter and Warframe, the console versions are usually at least a month behind - so props to the folks over at at least on this front.

Like Final Fantasy XIV, players in Skyforge can master multiple classes on a single character, so any time they add a new class it's a big deal. Anyone can try out the new class as well without having to make a new character. In fact, Skyforge doesn't even let players have more than a single character per account.