Skyforge Sheds Light On The New PvP Honor Stat

skyforge pvp honorSomething just isn’t right when PvE-geared players continue to come out on top in PvP. To balance things out, Skyforge developers will be introducing the new Honor stat into the game when the Gods at War patch hits the servers. The new stat should give PvP players an edge over their PvE-geared opponents.

“We want to let players feel the impact of their PvP activities without diminishing their PvE accomplishments. The old scaling system did not work: high-level players came out on top in PvP too often because of various bonuses. We decided to even the odds and added a special stat which would give an advantage in combat to active PvP players only.”

The Honor stat will grant health and damage bonuses during PvP and can be added using a special modifier obtained by participating in PvP matches. The bonuses will be capped at 35% for health and 20% for damage. Honor cap, however, will increase every season which should encourage players to acquire and use relevant gear.

Producer Volker Boenigk and Game Director Dmitry Lisichkin talk about these changes in the video below. You can also check out the Skyforge official site to learn more.