Skyforge Distant Frequencies Update Is Now Live With A New Playable Class

skyforge soundweaver classA new class has step foot on Aelion with the release of the Distant Frequencies update and they’re all set to rock the Skyforge world! Welcome the new Soundweaver class, tech musicians who can play notes on their futuristic guitar with deadly efficiency to take out enemies and support their allies. Players who pre-ordered the class get first dibs on the new class, the rest of the community will get access later this week.

“The Soundweaver is a new support class relying primarily on their profound musical talent. Rain down powerful sound waves on enemies to protect your allies! The Soundweaver sets up portable loudspeakers on the battle field to support and boost their allies' morale and weaken their foes. Play a guitar solo and become a rock star! Feel absolutely invulnerable and rock out!”

The update also sends players on a new adventure to investigate a “strange gravitational anomaly” that’s threatening Aelion and its citizens. You’ll find the full patch notes on the Skyforge official site. Meanwhile, you can check out the official Distant Frequencies trailer right after the break.