SMITE’s Newest Goddess Is The Arthurian Enchantress Morgan Le Fay, Stranger Things Battle Pass Coming In July

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Morgan Le Fay, the powerful enchantress from Arthurian legend, has joined SMITE’s ever-growing roster of fabled gods and goddesses as part of this week’s Dark Enchantress update. She is played as a crowd control mage with the ability to stack magic buffs on herself and unleash powerful AoE spells, including summoning a dragon that can knock back enemies.

The latest update also reverts the Arena map back to its original Greco-Roman art style and brings back the Classic Joust map.

“Joust and Duel have had many maps across SMITE history that have all had their own unique successes and failures. As a new experiment, we will be rotating in the Classic Joust map as the default map for all Normal and Ranked Joust and Duel matches,” said developer Hi-Rez Studios.

“This will provide two unique experiences. First, it’s a clear gameplay and balance change to the modes that will create new god metas and different experiences. But more interestingly, it sets the precedent for map rotation within a mode. Classic Joust has always been brought back as an additional mode, which often split the population and made it feel like a lesser mode. This time, Classic Joust will feel the realest it’s been in years!” they explained.

There’s also new god skins, including three new ones for Morgan Le Fay, as well as the usual array of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and item adjustments. The full update notes can be found here if you want to take a gander.

In other SMITE news, Hi-Rez has announced a Stranger Things cross-over battle pass for the month of July, featuring skins that can transform gods into characters from the popular Netflix series. You can check that out below, followed by the Dark Enchantress update highlights video.

SMITE x Stranger Things Battle Pass - Available July 2021

SMITE - Update Highlights - Dark Enchantress

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