Snail Games Announces Two More Games: ARK GO And Moonlights


It's barely been three days since Snail Games announced PixARK, the Minecraft-like ARK: Survival Evolved spin-off launching sometime during the first half of this year, but two more games in development by Snail Games have been uncovered: ARK GO and Moonlights. Very little is known about either of these titles, and the latter doesn't even have a website set up yet, but they are yet another two games that Snail Games has in development in addition to Age of Wushu 2, Dark and Light, Dark and Light Mobile, PixARK, Taichi Panda 3, and more.

All we know about ARK GO at this point in time is that it is a mobile AR game based on the ARK: Survival Evolved franchise that seems to be targeting a similar market to that of Pokemon GO through the use of bright colors and a cartoony art style. You can find the official website here, but Snail Games has yet to publish any press releases about the game, so there are no further detail at this time. It could end up being "Pokemon GO with dinosaurs" or it could end up being something entirely different.

Moonlights is an upcoming zombie survival game. According to 2p, it is a client-based PC game that is set to be released sometime in 2017. The image below was published alongside the announcement.