Snail Games Shows Off Some Of Dark And Light's Elementals

When Dark and Light launches...sometime, players will encounter Elementals, "physical embodiments of concentrated elemental magic." Upon killing them, players will receive "cores," which can be used to summon "a tamed Elemental," should enough of them be collected.

As the types of Elementals available in-game are tied to the elements, there are several types of Elemental available. Those that have been unveiled thus far are as follows.

  • Wind Elementals are "wispy" creatures that can be hard to see if you're not looking. They're found only at "extremely high altitudes" and it is recommended that players have a "strong" flying mount, should they want to get to them. Once tamed, they will quietly move around, attacking enemies with gusts of wind.
  • Fire Elementals give off so much heat that they actually raise the temperature of the air around them; players that aren't equipped for said heat will find themselves in peril. Once tamed, they act as heavy damage dealers, making use of various fire attacks.
  • Dark Elementals are "the concentrated essence of pure darkness." They're more powerful than other Elementals, and "a party of experienced adventurers" is recommended, should you want to hunt one, but no other details about these Elementals are given.

In addition to Elementals, players will find themselves fighting Imps, "basically bite-sized Elementals." They are less powerful than Elementals, but once tamed, they can be used for "important daily tasks." The example given is that Fire Imps can be used as "mobile campfires."

You can read more about Dark and Light's Elementals here. More information about Elementals is set to be unveiled sometime in the near future.

Dark and Light Official Gameplay Trailer


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