Soul Worker Launches Into Open Beta

The instanced anime action MMORPG Soul Worker officially launched into open beta today in the West through Gameforge. Unlike most open betas though, Gameforge noted that they may reset all accounts prior to the game fully launching. While this isn't set in stone at the moment, it remains a distinct possibility. Players who participate in the open beta will receive the following items at launch (no launch schedule has been announced):

  • 1x Exclusive open beta title: 'Active Beta Tester’ (in-game character title)
  • 1x Darling Outfit (for the character of your choice)
  • 1x Hellanko Akasha Card (rare version of the normal Hellanko card)
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 3x Power Vitamin
  • 5x Respawner

Players can download and play Soul Worker though Steam right now. Soul Worker's core gameplay is similar to games like Closers, Kritika Online, and Dungeon Fighter Online. Most of the game's combat takes place in instanced dungeons and players can interact in hubs where they can trade and receive quests.