Soul Worker NA / EU Open Beta to Launch by End of Year

The gorgeous anime inspired action MMORPG Soul Worker will launching into open beta in North America and Europe by the end of the year. This announcement comes over a year after GameForge first announced that they acquired the publishing rights for the game back in April, 2016. Soul Worker has been playable in South Korea and Japan for some time already but this is the first time it'll be available in English.

Soul Worker is sleek anime inspired action MMORPG with instanced dungeons and persistent towns. It's sort of like Kritika Online or Dungeon Fighter Online in that all the actual combat takes place in stages with varying difficulty options. I've personally played Soul Worker and it's one of the prettiest anime inspired game's I've ever played. Plus, it has an awesome guitar wielding loli character. I'm definitely excited for a Western release!

Source: Gameforge Press Release