Soul Worker Online Mobile Launches July 21st

Anime action MMORPG Soul Worker apparently has a mobile version and its set to launch on July 21st, 2017 in China. Interesting to see a mobile version of the game launching before the PC version even makes it to the West. As-is the PC version is only available in South Korea and Japan which is unfortunate, as it's quite fun and has gorgeous anime graphics. The mobile version of the game looks to be quite similar to the PC one based on the gameplay GIF below

Check out the intro below:

Interested in giving the mobile Chinese version a try? Download it here. Chinese mobile games rarely ever have IP restrictions and are fairly easy to play. The only issue is that the game will be in Chinese. Most foreign mobile games don't have English patches either. Since the PC version hasn't even launched in the West yet and the mobile one hasn't been announced, don't expect Soul Worker mobile to launch in English anytime soon.