Soul Worker To Launch In Korea On January 18th


Soul Worker developer Lion Games is a Korean company. It's easy to forget that, seeing as the game launched in Japan first, a move that continues to baffle us, but it is. However, it will become a little less easy to forget on January 18th when the game goes live in Korea.

Whereas Hangame publishes Soul Worker in Japan, Smilegate will be publishing it in Korea. According to MMOCulture, the Korean version will launch with four playable characters, with two more set to be introduced soon after launch. It is noted that, in the future, Lion Games is planning to have a "master build" that will allow all versions to have the same "core content," with each version having its own events that are localized for its region.

There has still yet to be any news about Gameforge's NA/EU version of the game. Perhaps, with the Korean version launching next week, we will begin to hear more soon.