SoulWorker Online Introduces A New Level 55 Operation Called Dimension Trip

soulworker online dimension tripSoulWorker Online is keeping high level players on their toes with a new PvP operation called Dimension Trip that went live just before the weekend. The operation will pit players against monsters and each other in a 10-minute free-for-all match.

The operation is available three times a day and is accessible to player who’ve reached level 55. 4-8 player can join each match. Players start out in individual areas where they’ll initially face off against monsters. Points are awarded for defeating monsters.

After defeating all the monsters in the area, players then move to the next area where they’ll fight more monsters, this time with the chance of encountering another player. Defeating a player rewards the victor with all of that player’s points and an additional 20-point bonus.

Players go through a total of four areas, earning points until they reach 3,000 points of the timer runs down. Once the operation is concluded, players are given rewards based on their rank. Rank is determined by the amount of points they’ve acquired during the match.

Players who participate in the match will also be rewarded with Xeno Stones which they can exchange for in-game items from NPC Jenna.

Check out the SoulWorker Online official site to learn more.