The Spook Train Doesn't Stop Here - Overwatch's Halloween Terror Brings Fear!

overwatch halloween terror

Full steam ahead into that time of the year, folks! The time of the year where skeletons, pumpkins, and ghosts fill pop culture for the next few weeks - the next victim to the Halloween Train is Overwatch! Yes, it has already been one year, and Halloween Terror is rearing its ugly head once more.

Once again, Doctor Junkenstein will challenge players everywhere, and this time with a twist! A new endless horde mode has been added to Junkenstein's Revenge, complete with a leaderboard for players to keep an eye out on those who last the longest.

Eichenwald gets Spooky

Additionally, two new maps will be added for the duration of Halloween Terror 2017. Well, two reskins of maps. Eichenwald and Hollywood get a facelift, and on top of that, all heroes are available for play in Junkenstein's Revenge - not just Ana, Soldier, Hanzo, and McCree. And, like every new event, there are new cosmetic items to pick up! My personal favorite is Dracula Reaper.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror is now live, and will run until November 1st. Check the trailer out down below!