Square Enix Botches Mobius Final Fantasy's Global Steam Launch, Only Available In Korean


At long last, Mobius Final Fantasy's Steam version launched globally earlier today. No longer do we have to look on in envy as those playing the Japanese version of the game get to play it in 4K with less blurry graphics than those of us on mobile. No longer do we have to be jealous of their 60 frames per second gameplay.

There's just one problem; the game is only available in Korean right now. This is an exceptionally odd turn of events because, according to the Steam store page, Korean isn't one of the languages that the global version supports.


Square Enix is currently working with Valve to solve the problem at hand and I am sure it will be resolved in due time. Despite the announcement, users seem to be having varying levels of success with playing the game in English and you may very well be lucky enough to be one of those that is currently playing the game in English. But you also may not be.

Those of you that are interested in playing the game once it's fixed can download it now via Steam.