Star Citizen to Feature In Game Faceware

Star Citizen has just announced their new in-game faceware feature, Faceover Internet Protocol (FOIP), at a recent demo at Gamescom 2017.

Faceover IP uses motion-capture technology that tracks a user's facial movements and expressions, and with real-time playback projects these facial movements onto their in-game character. Along with the Diogenic IP, which allows for realistic distortion of a player's voice according to their in-game surroundings, such as distance and nearby obstacles, Star Citizen aims bring the "most lifelike player-to-player communication ever".

“For the first time we’ll be able to deliver the full range of human emotion, not just voice,” he said. Our players’ facial expressions will be translated onto their avatars’ face. Combine that with a player’s voice correctly positioned in the virtual world, and you have the most lifelike player-to-player communication ever.”

The Faceover IP however seems to work best with Star Citizen's specially designed motion capture webcam. Their motion capture camera prototype, which can be seen in the Faceware Announcement video below, claims to capture facial expressions at 60fps at 1080p even in low light. No word on when these specialty webcams will be released anytime soon for Star Citizen's testing phases.

The Faceover IP feature will not be available yet in Star Citizen's upcoming 3.0 alpha test, which may be open sometime early September. Remember to check out Star Citizen's Faceware Announcement video below for a wacky demonstration of their new motion capture technology in action.