Star Citizen's 3.0.0 Alpha Open to All Backers

Slowly making its way towards the "longest time spent in development" record (though that will be hard to top when compared to Duke Nukem Forever), Star Citizen has released its 3.0 Alpha to all of the people who backed the game. To Star Citizen's credit, though, it appears as if they are making steady progress towards a release. Accessing the PTU will end up in downloading the PTU installer, and copying the account to the PTU. A temporary password will be sent to all players to access the PTU.

Additionally, there are three links Cloud Imperium Games wants you to be aware of. The first is the patch notes for the 3.0.0 PTU Patch. Additionally, there is a new control scheme, though players can always change their controls as they see fit. Lastly, it never hurts to have a copy of an FAQ around - featuring details on error codes 10002, 15006, and 30007. Though, be warned - many players on the Star Citizen subreddit are complaining about sub-optimal performance.