Star Conflict 1.2 "Dogs Of War" Focuses On Mercenaries

Gaijin Entertainment and StarGem's space shooter, Star Conflict, received a major update today entitled "Dogs of War." Pushing the version number up to 1.2, this update aims to improve the experience of players that aren't part of a corporation.

The core of the update is the ability for mercenaries to join in Dreadnought battles directly and vie for control over sectors without having to call for a corporation to help. These mercenaries will then be rewarded based on "their contribution to the battle."

Mercenaries have also received customizable crafts today, which allow them to choose between six variants corresponding to offensive or defensive playstyles. An additional "Defense Contract" mode allows mercenaries to take on pirates to defend "peace loving locations" within the game.

Star Conflict saw several more general content updates, as well. Two new maps were added, Monolith Ruins and Sanctuary. A new boss, known as the "Destroyer," is also making its way into the game. A small group will be required to take it down.