Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery Is Now Live On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

star trek online discovery lorca landryStar Trek Online console players can now boldly go where no console player has gone before as the Rise of Discovery expansion finally rolls out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a little over a month since its PC release. The expansion brings with it Star Trek Discovery-themed content featuring Commander Landry and Captain Lorca from the CBS TV series.

“Rise of Discovery invites players to join the ranks of the U.S.S. Buran, commanded by Starfleet Captain Gabriel Lorca (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and Commander Ellen Landry (voiced by Rekha Sharma). Captains will play through two incredibly moving featured episodes to uncover what happened to these characters before they beamed aboard the U.S.S. Discovery in the show’s first season.”

Aside from fresh new episodes, the expansion also introduces a new Tier 6 Reputation which includes new Discovery-themed rewards. Ships also now scale to character levels with the removal of Tier 6 Starship restrictions. This allows players to fly premium ships without worrying about reaching the required level.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold members will also be able to grab free reward packs from July 2nd to October 13th. The pack contains exclusive in-game goodies including a Tardigrade Combat Pet color variant, an Assault Drone Vanity Pet color variant, and three Master Keys.

Star Trek Online also has a number of events planned for Trekkies this Summer. Developers will be heading to Las Vegas this August for the largest Star Trek convention in the country where they’ll be giving fans a first-look at the game’s next major update. The devs will also be at Oracle Park for Star Trek Night on August 26th. Purchase special event tickets to get exclusive STO swag and the chance to meet the dev team in person.

In the meantime, you can check out the Rise of Discovery Trailer below.