Steep Gets World Tour Now, Alaska Map On February 10th


Ubisoft announced yesterday that Steep has received a new World Tour mode. Similar to The Crew's Summit tournament, the World Tour is a monthly tournament. It is described as follows.

Players from around the globe, who are looking to outdo themselves and other riders, can now sign-up for Steep World Tour Tournament, a brand new monthly tournament series available for the whole community. The first competition, "Backcountry", will start today with the qualification phase: a challenge in the cursed mountain for skiers and snowboarders, who will have to reach 5000 points to make it to the 2nd phase, the Tournament. The 32 best players on each platform during the Tournament phase will make it to the finals, where they will confront each other to win Steep credits.

The game now also has "Community Challenges," which are curated community-made challenges. Players will attempt to get the highest score for both bragging rights and reputation points. The Steep development team will also make use of the Community Challenge system themselves, allowing players to compete for high scores with the development team directly.

However, the biggest news from yesterday is by far the upcoming addition of the Alaska map. On February 10th, all players will be able to access the new Alaska region, which you can see part of in the image above, completely for free. The Alaska region will also introduce some of the first "Branded Challenges," which will be "unique challenges" that are intended for the "the fiercest players." Those that take on the challenge will be awarded both reputation points and Steep credits.

Branded Challenges are also set to be introduced to the Alps in the near future.

You can find more information about Steep's new and upcoming content in the videos embedded below.