Suikoden Fans Are Hoping For An Announcement From Konami Next Week

suikoden classic jrpg key art

With every other classic RPG seemingly getting a remaster, remake, or reboot in one form or another, one popular JRPG from the mid-90s has yet to be resurrected – Konami’s Suikoden. Fans of the beloved series, however, are looking forward to next week’s Tokyo Game Show where Konami has teased that it will be announcing a new game based on a series that’s loved all over the world.

Rumors that Suikoden will finally return to the limelight after a decade of silence were fueled by the announcement that Konami has invited voice actor Yuki Kaji to represent the fans of a “world-loved” series. Kaji has only ever did recordings for three Konami games, two of which were Suikoden titles while the third was Terror of the Stratus for the PSP and is far from being a world-loved game.

Sources also told VGC also that the studio’s announcement will be related to a smaller project rather than remasters or revivals of widely-popular titles like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. Adding more fuel to the fire is news that Konami reportedly recently renewed the Suikoden trademark.

There’s speculation that Konami might have been tempted to revive the franchise and ensure that they still own the license for it following the extremely successful Kickstarter campaign of Eiyuden Chronicles, an upcoming action RPG currently being developed by Suikoden’s original team of developers that’s expected to launch sometime next year. The crowdfunding campaign managed to secure roughly $4.5 million in funding, nine times that of the developers’ $500,000 funding goal.

Of course, these are all just circumstantial evidence and Konami’s big announcement might not be about Suikoden at all. Regardless, fans are still hopeful that the cult classic franchise will return once again to the limelight.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 will run from September 15-18 with Konami’s presentation scheduled on the 16th.