SuperData's Latest Report: 6 Out Of 10 Top Grossing MMOs Are Free-To-Play


We're a bit late to this, but Superdata's April report was published at the end of last month. As usual, the report contained top five lists for the month, but this one also contained an interesting page entitled "Six of the top 10-grossing MMOs are free-to-play games."


The page goes over the details of this year's top 10-grossing MMOs. Of them, six are free-to-play and seven are published by Asian companies. Every single one of them initially launched before 2014, but the page does contend that games like Lineage 1 and Dungeon Fighter Online are on the decline, "creating opportunities for newer games." World of Warcraft, on the other hand, continues to dominate the pay-to-play MMO scene, "earning more than double its closest paid competitor."

Additionally, the page states that League of Legends' success is "due to a large audience of 98.4M players." When looking beyond that figure, we find both "the second-lowest conversion rate (8.3%) and lowest average spending per player ($18.88) of any major MOBA."

The page that follows estimates that MMOs will earn $19.8 billion in 2016, a mere $2.7 billion of which will come from pay-to-play titles. It is estimated that $12.6 billion of that will come from Asia while only approximately $2.5 billion will come from North America and only approximately $3.6 billion will come from Europe.

As for the top five games of the month, League of Legends continues to hold the top spot for F2P MMOs whereas World of Warcraft is holding onto the top P2P MMO, as previously mentioned. Mobile games, however, have seen a bit of a shakeup as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have been dethroned by Monster Strike.

You can find the full report here. The relevant top grossing charts are as follows.

Top Grossing Free-to-play MMO Games by Revenue, April 2016

#1 League of Legends Riot Games
#2 Crossfire Neowiz Games
#3 Dungeon Fighter Online Nexon
#4 World of Tanks Wargaming
#5 Dota 2 Valve

Top Grossing Pay-to-play MMO Games by Revenue, April 2016

#1 World of Warcraft Activision Blizzard
#2 Lineage I NCSoft
#3 Star Wars: The Old Republic Electronic Arts
#4 TERA En Masse Entertainment
#5 Blade and Soul NCSoft

Top Grossing Mobile Games by Revenue, February 2016

#1 Monster Strike Miki
#2 Clash Royale Supercell
#3 Clash of Clans Supercell
#4 Game of War: Fire Age Machine Zone
#5 Puzzle and Dragons GungHo