Swords Of Legends Online Unveils New Sparkwood Gardens Raid

swords of legends online sparkwood gardens boss banner

Swords of Legends Online is nothing if not consistent in rolling out new endgame content. Gameforge has revealed that two new raids will be coming later this month as part of the upcoming The Forbidden Court update, the first one being the Sparkwood Gardens.

“On November 18, update 1.1: The Forbidden Court will bring tons of new content to the game, in addition to a new chapter in the story progression and unexplored perils. Sparkwood Gardens will be the first of two brand-new raids for 10 to 20 players, featuring challenging bosses along with tons of rewards for players who dare enter. Shrouded in mystery and located within the Floral Palace and protected by the Soulforce of the Firestone clan, the Sparkwood Gardens await with a host of deformed and mutated creatures that often stray beyond the palace walls to wreak havoc in the surrounding lands. Yet treasure beckons from beyond the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace…”

The Sparkwood Gardens Normal mode will be opening its gates on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th, just in case you want to chase down that turkey dinner with a good old dungeon run. Gameforge also teased a new raid and even more content planned for release in December.

Take a look at the upcoming Sparkwood Gardens raid in the video below.

New Raid - Sparkwood Gardens