Temtem - An MMO Pokemon Like Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The indie game studio Creme revealed their latest game Temtem last week which is an upcoming Pokemon-like MMO. The game already has a Kickstarter page up and it has already surpassed their modest fundraising goal of $70,000 and will likely raise well over $200,000 by the time the campaign ends on July 2, 2018. Calling Temtem a Pokemon like MMO may be unfair to Nintendo as it's more than just Pokemon-like. In fact it looks more like a Pokemon clone with MMO elements. Temtem aims to launch into Alpha 1 in November, 2018 with final release set for May 2020. It aims to launch with a buy to play business model. Check it out below:

The hype behind Temtem shouldn't be too surprising. Pokemon is an incredibly successful game, but for the most part lacks any kind of online persistence. That's where Temtem comes in. Unlike Pokemon though, Temtem features mostly 2v2 battles and is more reliant on skill than RNG. The game also promises a robust breeding system where players can breed their Pokemon, er, I mean Temtems, to try and get offspring with the perfect stats and abilities.

Each Temtem will have its own strengths and weaknesses and will adhere to the "type" system Pokemon fans should be familiar with. Much like Pokemon, each Temtem will have up to 2 types but individual attacks with be type specific.

Combat in TemTem looks a lot like Pokemon as you can see below:

Besides simply finding and capturing Temtem, players will also be able to own their own house and decorate it to their choosing:

The studio behind Temtem is Madrid, Spain based Crema. They're the developer behind Immortal Redneck on Steam as well as a handful of mobile games.

While Temtem is still in early stages and trying to raise money, the game's Kickstarter page makes it look quite promising. While I won't be backing it (I don't back anything on Kickstarter), I'm definitely excited to play it if it launches.