Tera Announces Server Mergers For Consoles, PC Mergers To Follow

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En Masse has announced a round of server mergers for the console version of their popular fantasy MMORPG Tera. The combined number of servers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will go from 22 down to 7. The mergers will take place on August 20, 2018 and will take 12 hours to complete.

A handy FAQ page on the official site offers details on exactly which servers will be merged with one another, and how duplicate name conflicts will be handled. Players need not take any action, though En Mass does recommend deleting unused characters to avoid character slot issues. To help alleviate potential character congestion, all accounts will be granted five free character slots on the server they have the most characters after the mergers.

It should be noted that these mergers by no means indicate Tera is struggling on consoles. In fact, the PC version is also scheduled to receive a round of mergers later this year. The primary objective is to make it easier for players to play with friends, find groups quicker, and to have a larger shared community overall.

PlayStation NA Servers

Dracoloth, Thulsa, Ovolith, Felbane, Hydrath: New Server 1 (PVE)

Nyxarras, Huzrat: New Server 2 (PVP)

PlayStation EU Servers

Maligos, Skulregnath, Molach, Saravash: New Server 3 (PVE)

Zyrnaaxis, Arzakaar: New Server 4 (PVP)

Xbox One NA Servers

Smulch, Basilisk, Orisk, Melkatran: New Server 5 (PVE)

Vesporax, Suryati: New Server 6 (PVP)

Xbox One EU Servers

Karascha, Abraxis, Fimbrilisk: New Server 7 (PVE)

For more information on the console mergers, including how bank space, guilds, and other issues will be settled, check out the official announcement/FAQ.