TERA Crescent Sea Update Slated For Release In February

tera elin valkyrie crescent sea bannerEn Masse Entertainment has just released a press release with information on the upcoming TERA Crescent Sea update. The update will feature the new Elin Valkyrie class, additional character slots, and the new Sea of Honor five-man dungeon.

“This update also takes max-level players to the open ocean in the Sea of Honor five-player dungeon. Having already taken to the skies and defeated enemies on soaring sky ships, the Sea of Honor dungeon brings players to the high seas of TERA aboard the Goldenscale treasure ship, where players must battle against monsters and other seafaring vessels and avoid falling into the briny deep. Navigating these open waters requires special attention: Players can only enter this dungeon after acquiring a Sea of Honor Voyage Map held by both dungeon and field bosses. Only one player in the group needs the map to begin the dungeon, with maps determining the difficulty and rewards contained within.”

Sea of Honor is scheduled to come out sometime in February.