TERA Will Be Rolling Out New Endgame Content With The Guardian Legion Update

tera guardian legionTired of the usual end-game raiding in TERA? En Masse gives max level players something new to do when the Guardian Legion update rolls out at the end of the month. The Guardian Legion is an elite force tasked with defending the Valkyon Federation from serious threats.

“Open the world map to see where you’re needed most, and you can teleport straight to an active hot-spot. 15 max-level players can team up for pulse-pounding action in one of six thrilling missions.”

Of course, no good deed goes unrewarded. Every completed mission will reward players with Guardian Legion points which they can use to redeem up to 40 reward boxes per day. Reward boxes contain gems, item XP, and Guardian Legion credits which can be exchanged for upgrade and enchanting materials.

The Guardian Legion update goes live on January 30th. Check out the TERA official site for more info.