Tera EU Launching Classic Server Later This Month

The European version of the action MMORPG Tera will be launching a classic server sometime this month, according to an official livestream. While details are sparse at the moment, Reddit user Tirafesi posted the following based on information revealed on the livestream:

  • The official patch of the game will be Patch 27. It will contain content from VM1, VM2 and VM3 eras.
  • Basic classes with the addition of reaper. (so no brawlers, no gunners and no valks)
  • At least 3 different raids: Nexus Traverse, Wonderholme and Kelsaik's Raid.
  • Dungeons that were removed by VM3 patch will be back.
  • Alliance content with war on sundays.
  • Leveling is easier and MASSIVELY increased success chance for enchanting and masterworking.
  • Similarly to Manahan (the last event server), there will be free char transfers at the end. Your gear will be converted to current standards, so your progress won't be made obsolete.
  • Server will open sometime this month and will last longer than Manahan. Will be a PvE server, meaning no outlaw nor Open World PvP.
  • More details alongside a FAQ page will be posted next week.

Given how many other MMORPGs have seen success with classic servers (Ragnarok Online, EverQuest, ArcheAge, and more), I suspect a Tera classic server will also do well.