TERA Rolls Out Gilded Mask Update And Attack On Titan Collaboration Items

tera gilded maskThe TERA team over at En Masse Entertainment may be busy celebrating the game’s 6th birthday but that hasn’t stopped from churning out new content. The Gilded Mask update went live earlier today revealing new information about the Valkyon Federation and introducing a new five-man level 65 dungeon called Red Refuge.

“Somewhere in the wilds of Feral Valley, not far from the Temple of Dagon, a motley group of monsters, raiders, and outcasts have taken refuge from the Valkyon Federation. But when they abduct Karakhir, the son of the legendary blacksmith Muhrak, the federation sends level 65 players to his rescue...and on a journey of discovery, as well.

Along the way, players will encounter a possibly familiar face—now masked by seething hatred—and learn that no good deed goes unpunished.”

Also, TERA veterans will be happy to know that they can finally put that mask slot to use. Completing the new Red Refuge dungeon in Hard mode has a chance of dropping one of four Onset Masks so you might want to dive right into that. The devs will also be introducing dyeable Celestial costumes as well as Angelic and Diabolic wings and weapon skins sometime in June.

If anime-themed costumes are more to your liking, the TERA x Attack On Titan collaboration event should be right up your alley. From today until May 29th, players will be able to purchase Attack On Titan-themed outfits and emotes from the in-game store. Check out the video below to learn more about the event. You can also head over to the TERA official site to learn more about the Gilded Mask update.