TERA Has Officially Shut Down After A Decade Of Live Operation

tera classic elin priest cg

TERA had a good run but its journey has now come to an end after just over a decade of live operation in North America and Europe. The global servers have officially shut down for good as of 1:00 am PDT earlier today. A remake or reboot probably won’t be happening anytime soon but there are several private servers available for those who want to keep the spirit of the once-popular MMORPG alive.

You can also check out the video below for footage of the final quest which, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the western version of the game.

“Chosen One, this is where we say goodbye. But remember, you will always be in our hearts. You are the shield that defended Arborea. But now, sadly, we must go our separate ways. Your courage, your strength of will… we will remember you always. I wish you success on whatever path you take. Thank you, hero.”