Latest TERA Patch Introduces The Human Male Brawler Class And Reopens Ruinous Manor

tera male brawler newsPatch 66.03 is now live on the TERA servers which opens up the heavily-armored Brawler class to Male Humans. Don’t worry though, Gameforge is giving away free character slots so you don’t have to delete any of your old toons, along with a handful of consumables to help get you started.

Veterans can also look forward to the reopening of the Ruinous Manor, the nightmarish mirror-image of Lilith’s Keep. PvP rankings have also been implemented for three Battlegrounds: Champions’ Skyring, Fraywind Canyon, and Corsairs’ Stronghold. Capping it all off are exclusive hairstyles and the ability to adjust and tweak hat placement.

Check out the new class in action in the video below along with a few screenshots. You can also head over to the TERA official site for the full patch notes.

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