TERA KR To Get New Musa Class On December 22nd


Nexon Korea announced today that the Korean version of TERA will be getting a new class called the "Musa" on December 22nd. Armed with a crescent blade and some sort of magic that involves moonlight, the Musa looks to be quite different than the game's other classes.

Based on the promo art and the teaser trailer, it also seems that the Musa will be a female Castanic-exclusive class. That being said, it could just be that the promotional materials only depict the class as a female Castanic character.

Those that are interested can find the class' background story and a few details about its abilities here. More information is set to be revealed on December 13th, with the class going live in the Korean version of TERA on December 22nd.

  • chaoscauser

    I wish Tera Europe would give out some free character slots sometimes and not just when a new character comes out, Being late to the party I missed out on so many.

  • hovsep56

    im fucking done!!!! WTF is this!!!!!! another class for female only tera can just shove their classes up their ass i swear