Tera M Shows Off 3v3 PvP Gameplay At G-Star 2017

This year's G-Star convention took place over the weekend and mobile games took center stage. Netmarble was among the most prolific exhibitors, with several mobile MMORPGs available for hands-on play at their demo booth. Tera M, the mobile sequel to the 2011 PC MMORPG was one such game.

Tera M will be a traditional fantasy MMORPG with the standard mix of tank, support, and DPS classes. The game is built on the Unreal 4 Engine and scheduled to release in Korea later this month. A global release is planned for 2018. The videos embeded below show off one of Tera M's PvP modes, a 3v3 MOBA style mode where players progress down set lanes with a 5 minute time limit. The MOBA gameplay mode was an interesting choice for Netmarble, perhap's they were inspired by the success of Tencent's Arena of Valor.

Another video shows what the PvE gameplay is like with a hands-on take. The visuals in Tera translated surprisingly well onto mobile, though that shouldn't be too surprising as the original Tera is now approaching 7 years in age. It seems that every MMORPG IP holder is turning to Netmarble to spin out a mobile version of their game. Besides the highly successful Lineage 2 Revolution. Netmarble is also working on Icarus M, and Blade and Soul Revolution.

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