TERA Mobile Spinoff TERA Hero Launches In Korea Next Month, Watch The New Gameplay Trailer

tera hero mobile elin bannerTERA Hero, the Korean mobile spin-off of TERA, will be launching in Korea next month and MMO Culture has been gracious enough to provide fans with a pair of new trailers, the latter showcasing the game’s PvE and PvP gameplay.

TERA Hero, previously known as TERA Frontier, is a character-based MMORPG with 18 playable characters. All characters can be unlocked by playing the game without the randomness associated with gacha and lootbox mechanics. The game is optimized for three-player parties for both PvE and PvP. Apparently, multiple parties can also attack the same raid boss as shown in the trailer below.

TERA Hero launches on March 5th in Korea. Whether the game will come out in the west still remains to be seen. Enjoy the show!